Taekwon-Do is a highly effective form of self-defence and many of the techniques learned can be lethal. Therefore, there is a strong emphasis placed upon developing not only the physical but also the moral side of each student.

Self discipline, integrity, humility and respect are some of the moral aspects which Taekwon-Do training instils in students. As a result of its Asian and military background a code of etiquette has developed in Taekwon-Do, such as bowing and the distinctive way we shake hands with a senior grade. This allows us to distinguish senior from junior grade and to enable us to show respect to our seniors.

Remember we are all students of Taekwon-Do and these forms of etiquette apply to us all, black belts included. Instructors also show this etiquette to their seniors.

These are a few of the major forms of etiquette, which as a student of Taekwon-Do you will encounter


  • Students bow to the instructor at the beginning and end of the class
  • We bow to our partner before and after we practice together
  • We bow when entering and leaving the Dojang


Never call a senior by their first name; always Master, Mr. or Ms. This applies both inside and outside of the Taekwon-Do hall.


When shaking hands with a senior we should place the back of the left hand under the right elbow.

Receiving two hands

Always give and receive from a senior with two hands, e.g. when receiving awards, certificates, etc.

The above list is not exhaustive and if you are in any doubt about the correct etiquette for a particular situation, please ask one of the instructors.