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Junior Taekwon-Do (7 to 12 years)
The TaeKwon-Do Prep class caters for students from 4 to 6 years of age from beginner to yellow tag level. Students train with people of their own age and grade level which allows them to progress to the best of their ability. Students learn to develop self-confidence and esteem as well as teamwork and leaderships skills in a safe and disciplined environment. Fitness levels, agility, balance and coordination are developed along with specific Taekwon-Do skills in accordance with the Irish Taekwon-Do Association syllabus and the Irish Sports Council long term athlete development programme. Students in this class are introduced to the sport aspect of Taekwon-Do through participation in interclub Taekwon-Do matches and regional competitions. As students advance through the grade system they will learn that success comes to those who work for it, and they will build a personal ‘tradition of winning’ by setting goals and achieving them, all in a focused and fun atmosphere.

Students progress to this class when they reach yellow belt level and are ready to begin developing and refining their skills to a more advanced level. At this stage the competitive pathway development broadens with participation in competition at regional and national level plus international home events (international class tournaments hosted in Ireland). As well as this Taekwon-Do skills will begin to develop to an intermediate level and practical, effective self defence techniques will be introduced in a logical way. Students continue to develop their motor skills to an advanced level as well as improving their physical fitness and condition. Once the student has advanced to this class their will be a notable difference in their social and physical skills. Students will be confident working independently and as part of a team. They will display discipline and confidence and will have developed the necessary fundamental physical skills and abilities in order to progress to an advanced level.

Senior Taekwon-Do (teen and adult)

Adults and teens train with people of their own age in both grade specific and mixed grade / ability classes. Our adult class comprises a broad mix of people who come together to enjoy Taekwon-Do training. This class caters for beginners through to top international competitors. In these classes you will improve all aspects of your physical fitness e.g. flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular. You will learn a practical self defence martial art in a progressive, effective and logical manner. Students will grow in confidence as they progress at a level suitable to each individual in an atmosphere which is very welcoming, fun and structured. Students will be motivated to achieve personal goals, such as improving self confidence, increasing fitness levels and progressing through the grade system. As you progress you can explore new pathways; competition, umpiring, coaching (IMAC / TAB and Irish Sports Council recognised qualifications, or simply training to keep improving your personal, physical and psychological health and well being.