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  1. Students must arrive ten minutes before their scheduled class time to prepare for class to commence on time. Students should assist with preparing the dojang (training area) for training.
  2. Training fees must be paid on the first training day of each calendar month. Students may not participate in class or other activities until training fees have been paid.
  3. All students should bow as a sign of respect as they enter and leave the dojang (training area).
  4. Before the class commences and finishes, all students line up facing the instructor(s) with the most senior student standing in the front line on the right hand side and the remaining students lined up from right to left in order of grade.
  5. At the beginning and end of the class, the most senior student calls the class to attention with the command ‘Charyot’, followed by;
    • Bo Sabum Nim Ge (I-III Dan) Respect for the Assistant Instructor
    • Sabum Nim Ge (IV-VI Dan) Respect for the Instructor
    • Sahyun Nim Ge (VII-VIII Dan) Respect for the Master
    • Saseong Nim Ge (IX Dan) Respect for the Grand Master
    • Then students are instructed to bow with the command ‘Kyong Ye’.
    • All students then say “TAEKWON” as they bow.
  6. Before asking a question, attract the instructor’s attention by raising your hand.
  7. Always address the instructor(s) as Sir or Ms
  8. Ask for the instructor’s permission before entering or leaving the class.
  9. Dobok (training uniform) and Ti (belt) must be worn in all classes with the belt displaying the correct grade and tied in the appropriate manner. (Tags or Dans should be worn on your left side of the belt)
  10. If you wear a t-shirt or vest under the dobok it must be white.
  11. A high degree of personal hygiene is expected in the Dojang, for example finger and toe nails must be clipped short and clean.
  12. Always turn to the left before fixing your dobok.
  13. Eating, or chewing gum is not permitted in the dojang.
  14. The wearing of any jewellery is strictly prohibited during training.
  15. When practicing with a partner, bow to your partner before you start and when you finish.
  16. Doboks must be clean and ironed for each class.
  17. At the end of class students approach the instructor in order of grade (senior grades first) and shake the instructor(s) hand and say “thank you Sir” or “thank you Miss” or in Korean “Kamsahamnida” 감사합니다.
  18. The tenents of Taekwon-Do must be observed at all times.